No. This is a small unmanned submarine which is launched from the stern of the ship. He turned first against the Byzantines, who were defeated several times; he took Cordova and chastised the Suevi; and then by stern measures he destroyed the power of those unruly and rebellious chieftains who had reduced former kings to the position of ciphers. The commissariat scandals which came to light after the peace of Tilsit convinced the emperor that nothing short of the stern and incorruptible energy of Arakcheev could reach the sources of the evil, and in January 1808 he was appointed inspector-general and war minister. The more emotional and ingratiating the expression of Natasha's face became, the more serious and stern grew Sonya's. If the waterline projection at the stern of the Thera ships is not a projecting keel or ram what is it? And with a sad and rather stern look she told Natasha all that Pierre had said. Was that what Sarah had found so amusing the first day - the fact that she hadn't melted under Yancey's stern gaze? Driving 4x4 Range Rovers through deep mud blindfold was a stern test of trust. Translate stern into Spanish. "Profiles of patients with a history of mild head injury.". TERN (Norsk taerne, tenne or tende; Swedish tdrna; Dutch Stern l y, the name now applied generally to a group of sea-birds, 1 " Starn " was used in Norfolk in the 19th century as a name for the bird commonly known as the black tern, thus confirming Turner, who, in 1544, describes what seems to have been the same c, roy al cell. Look at the powerful, arched eyebrows, which are stern without being severe. The definition of Stern is followed by practically usable example sentences which allow you to construct your own sentences based on it. fishnet stockings, she dishes out stern advice from a clipboard to readers not man enough to satisfy their woman. At Austerlitz he had the satisfaction of witnessing the actual results of his artillery reforms. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Serve" in Example Sentences Page 1. 2 people chose this as the best definition of stern: The stern is defined as t... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. swim trunks, slouched lazily at the stern, one hand on the tiller. Two bow, two spring and two stern cleats. Each had a stern gaze. If we place a small floating body in a shallow vessel of water and wet one side of it with alcohol or ether, it will move off with great velocity and skim about on the surface of the water, the part wet with alcohol being always the stern. He started to turn and then stopped, his expression turning stern. Hard, harsh, or severe in manner or character: a stern disciplinarian. Stern trial is set to begin in Los Angeles regarding the death of Anna Nicole Smith. Related topics: Water stern stern 2 noun [countable usually singular] TTW the back of a ship → bow Examples from the Corpus stern • There was a mass of shipping in the port, small skiffs, boats, the huge heavy-bottomed sterns of Hanseatic merchantmen. Examples of how to use “stern tube” in a sentence from the Cambridge Dictionary Labs 1- The stern decree has been turned aside. Stern definition: Stern words or actions are very severe. Definition of Stern harsh, hard or severe in character or manner Examples of Stern in a sentence Although our camp counselor is soft and fun loving, he can get mean and stern if provoked. Viewed in this light Petrarch anticipated the Italian Renaissance in its weakness - that philosophical superficiality, that tendency to ornate rhetoric, that preoccupation with stylistic trifles, that want of profound conviction and stern sincerity, which stamp its minor literary products with the note of mediocrity. He was not one of those stern moralists who objected to the Theater. They are generally excellent rulers, stern but patient and just. In one, a swimsuit-clad teacher made an appearance on the Howard Stern Show. She was of drive through design, with an enclosed open-plan car deck, bow visor and bow and stern ramps. von Stern, Theodosia (German and Russian, Odessa, 1906); E. For the most part this is founded on Dutch models, and testifies in a high degree to the king's progressive aims. Hard, harsh, or severe in manner or character: a stern disciplinarian. stern meaning: 1. severe, or showing disapproval: 2. In this He seems to be carrying the Baptist's stern mission of purification from the desert into the heart of the sacred city, and so fulfilling, perhaps consciously, the solemn prophecy of Malachi which opens with the words: " Behold, I will send My Messenger, and He shall prepare the way before Me; and the Lord whom ye seek shall suddenly come to His Temple " (Mal. As it was, these studies of Leonardo - "studies intense of strong and stern delight" - seemed to his trivial followers and biographers merely his whims and fancies, ghiribizzi, things to be spoken of slightingly and with apology. How to use stern in a sentence. Sue said with a stern. He looked down at her, his eyes and face stern. 44 - 2 4 6; E. It has been well said that the old heroes of the republic were unconscious Stoics, fitted by their narrowness, their stern simplicity and devotion to duty for the almost Semitic earnestness of the new doctrine. She gave him a stern glare that made him smile. Señor Medena's gaze was stern, but his voice was calm. Why should two hearts, together twined, Be sever'd by stern Fate's decree? Stern, only to keep her new baby from the man who claims to be his real father, Larry Birkhead? As our stern passed them they were indeed sucked right to the center of the canal and set off with renewed vigor. Stern definition is - having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner : austere. Alex caught up with them and dropped a stern gaze on Carmen. They do not represent the opinions of "I think it's about time we get you in bed before that stuff makes its rounds of your bloodstream," Dean said with a mock stern look. stern ramp was deployed on the quayside at the time. When he ventured to glance her way again her face was cold, stern, and he fancied even contemptuous. Instead, they're looking for the perks that come with being featured, such as being recognized, and being invited on radio programs such as the Howard Stern Show. Prow and stern rose high; and the former was carved most often into the likeness of a snake's or dragon's head: so generally that " dragon " or " worm " (snake) became synonymous with a war-ship. With his left hand, he gestures toward the stern of a ship at sea. Close by the stern stood Black Simon with the pennon of the house of Loring. The princes had long been chafing under the royal power; they had shaken even so stern an autocrat as Henry III., and the authority of Henry IV. When this ebony bird flew in it was beguiling my sad fancy into smiling by the grave and stern decorum of the countenance it wore. The stern list of example sentences with stern. To escape she attacked the stern destroyer, HMS Daring. Throughout the empire Poisson faithfully adhered to the family principles, and refused to worship Napoleon. von Stern, Catilina and die Parteikampfe in Rom 66-63 (1883), with bibliography in preface; C. Thiaucourt, Etude sur la conjuration de Catiline (1887), a critical examination of Sallust's account and of his object in writing it; J. a, The main anatomical features of a cycad stern a Spermatozoids may be summarized as follows: the centre is from G of fi occupied by a large parenchymatous pith traversed g; by numerous secretory canals, and in some genera c p onen-grain by cauline vascular bundles (e.g. Henceforward quiet prevailed, and Boniface ruled as a stern master in Rome. Indeed, the personality of the stern God himself exhibits this feature in a very marked degree, whence the term mahayogi or" great ascetic "is often applied to him. If your father was a stern disciplinarian, the odds are that you'll think of God in that way. In the modern world, there is a dire need for people who can communicate in different languages. stern in the council-chamber, so that you may control the situation. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. That stern songstress. Now kick your stern over. The warriors were well armed. Her enormous figure stood erect, her powerful arms hanging down (she had handed her reticule to the countess), and only her stern but handsome face really joined in the dance. Cleaning Crew: From bow to stern, these vessels need regular cleaning and maintenance to be kept pristine for each voyage. uppermost deck running from the bow to the stern is called the weather deck. unmanned submarine which is launched from the stern of the ship. Soon after, the Alexander ' s raking shots started a fire in the stern chain of the French flagship. between the stern of the "Iphigenia" and the pier, and by dredging along the edge and fixing up warping bollards it was made possible to warp submarines in and out at high water. Nero 2173997 Is your father stern? Stern measures of suppression were directed not only against them but against " Goddis Lawe," the book for which they pleaded with such passionate earnestness. Presently we find an offer of discipleship met by the warning that " the Son of Man " is a homeless wanderer; and then the stern refusal of a request for leave to perform a father's funeral rites. Counter Flat, rounded stern deck of a motorboat. stern definition is - having a definite hardness or severity of nature or manner : austere. In Sweden the few farms of the Swedes who inhabit the region are on the lake shores, and the traveller must be rowed from one to another in the typical boats of the district, pointed at bow and stern, unusually low amidships, and propelled by short sculls or paddles. He looks too old for his years, but quite unbroken; the character of a veteran sage has fully imprinted itself on his countenance; the features are grand, clear and deeply lined, the mouth firmly set and almost stern, the eyes strong and intent beneath their bushy eyebrows, the hair flows untrimmed over his shoulders and commingles with a majestic beard. was nevertheless an even greater statesman than the stern and majestic Sigismund I. strong, stern, able, devoted woman of the old Puritan school, Calvinist in religion, unsparing of herself and others, rigid in her ideas of duty, proud, reserved and ungracious. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. as introducing a discipline of stern repression which made the innocent gaieties of life impossible, and produced a dull uniformity of straitlaced manners and hypocritical morals. Next to the officer was a stern looking man in a suit and tie, arms crossed, staring straight ahead. Boarding schools used to be rather stern places where families were not terribly welcome. After a stern talking-to by his mom the teenage star has vowed to improve. The stern list of example sentences with stern. After a stay in Hail, where he had every opportunity of observing the character of the country and its inhabitants, and the hospitality and patriarchal, if sometimes stern, justice of its chief, he travelled on to Medina and Mecca, and returned thence to Cairo to report to his patron. Should I take Heidi back to my mother's house, or should I be more stern with Checkers when he goes after her? But General Nott held Kandahar with a stern hand, and General Sale, who had reached Jalalabad from Kabul at the beginning.of the outbreak, maintained that important point gallantly. English Sentences Focusing on Words and Their Word Families The Word "Stern" in Example Sentences Page 1. The native disposition of the Tosks has been modified by intercourse with the Greeks and Vlachs; while the Gheg devotes his attention exclusively to fighting, robbery and pastoral pursuits, the Tosk occasionally occupies himself with commercial, industrial or agricultural employments; the Gheg is stern, morose and haughty, the Tosk lively, talkative and affable. Why should two hearts, together twined, Be sever 'd by stern Fate 's decree? The defect of the disputed prophecies in the former part of the book (a defect, as long as we regard them in isolation, and not as supplemented by those which come after) is that they emphasize too much for the Christian sentiment the stern, destructive side of the series of divine interpositions in the latter days. With the stern old prince and the gentle, timid Princess Mary, though he had scarcely known them, Pierre at once felt like an old friend. , Bill warned his drunk brother that the punishment for drunk driving is extraordinarily stern. The first great inrush of population, following the discovery of gold and the opening of the railway, brought many desperate characters, who were held in check only by the stern, swift measures of frontier justice. 3. : 2: Another is to shape the vessel's stern in a way that stops air being sucked into the propeller, where it would reduce thrust by lessening the propeller's grip on the water. The twin outboard roared and the little craft swept around the Dolphin ' s stern and headed out to sea. Blicher is a stern realist, in many points akin to Crabbe, and takes a singular position among the romantic idealists of the period, being like them, however, in the love of precise and choice language, and hatred of the mere commonplaces of imaginative writing. Pierre looked at that aged, stern, motionless, almost lifeless face and moved his lips without uttering a sound. One of these problems, illustrated by experiment, deals with an ingenious mode of propelling vessels by the reaction of water ejected from the stern. Anna gave birth to her second child, a daughter named Dannielynn Hope Marshall Stern, on September 7 in the Bahamas. To an axis at the stern of the car a triangular frame is attached, resembling the tail of a bird, which is also covered with canvas or oiled silk. Use ‘stern’ in a sentence | ‘stern’ example sentences . How to use stern in a sentence. What does stem to stern expression mean? Her obstinate behavior was considered perverse and unacceptable in the stern environment. An example of stern is the back of a boat. then to the paying-out drum P, from it to the dynamometer D, and finally to the stern pulley, over which it passes into the sea. Natasha, pale and stern, was sitting beside Marya Dmitrievna, and her eyes, glittering feverishly, met Pierre with a questioning look the moment he entered. Its skipper, James Kirk, clad only in swim trunks, slouched lazily at the stern, one hand on the tiller. The armorial offender in Scotland is accordingly viewed with the same stern and unromantic outlook which meets any other culprit caught evading national taxation. 1. the rear part of a ship 2. "See here," said the Dean in a stern voice, "that is not the way to deliver a message here. Have the added analyst howard stern going his training. All Rights Reserved, Nautical Terms Acronyms and Abbreviations. Stern also told King that he and Smith plan to marry and live in the Bahamas. he asked, suddenly changing his former stern expression for a most cordial tone. Alex looked stern, and when Carmen met his gaze, he looked down at his plate. These cookies do not store any personal information. Even one second of tardiness to the biology lab would earn one a stern rebuke. The young Alexius joined the army; and in spite of the opposition of stern crusaders like Simon de Montfort, who sailed away ultimately to Palestine, he succeeded by large promises in inducing the army to follow in his train to Constantinople. The stern, shrewd, and penetrating expression of that look struck Pierre. waterline projection at the stern of the Thera ships is not a projecting keel or ram what is it? He said stern measures would be taken against the killers. Parents can reach older children with eye contact, a stern voice, and physical contact. ; The garden sloped away from the house, and contained an abundance of both flowers and fruits. him much stern schooling, but this seems only to have inspired him with a deeply rooted dislike for official work of any kind. The main feature is the stern section with a bronze propeller, which is still in place. After the stern coast of county Clare there follow the estuary of the great river Shannon, and then three large inlets striking deep into the mountains of Kerry and Cork - Dingle Bay, Kenmare river and Bantry Bay, separating the prongs of the forklike south-western projection of the island. The poet Aarestrup (in 1848) declared that Blicher had raised the Danish language to the dignity of Icelandic. In 1755 the British took the stern step of deporting the Acadian French from Nova Scotia. And Uncle Nicholas stood before them in a stern and threatening attitude. CM 388379 Her stern … At .Waterloo he was in command of the Household Cavalry Brigade, which distinguished itself not less by its stern and patient endurance of the enemy's fire than by its celebrated charge on the cuirassiers of Milhaud's corps. Perhaps, like me, you're a high-powered executive, Army officer, judge, or simply a stern, Victorian paterfamilias. stern of boats for the start of each race. Provision was made for the better education of the lower, and the restriction of the political influence of the higher clergy; there were stern prohibitions against wreckers and "the evil and unchristian practice of selling peasants as if they were brute beasts"; the old trade gilds were retained, but the rules of admittance thereto made easier, and trade combinations of the richer burghers, to the detriment of the smaller tradesmen, were sternly forbidden. You can also find multiple synonyms or similar words of Stern. von Stern, Geschichte der spartanischen and thebanischen Hegemonie (1884). The countess finished her prayers and came to the bed with a stern face, but seeing, that Natasha's head was covered, she smiled in her kind, weak way. Cassie drew her brows down to feign a stern expression. In the Holy of Holies was a " cloud of light " (shekinah), symbolical of the presence of Yahweh, and before it stood the candlestick with six branches, on each of which and on the central stern was a lamp eternally burning; while in the forecourt was an altar on which the sacred fire was never allowed to go out. sentence; 1: In the classroom the teacher is stiff and stern but after class he unbends. 32. He was a native of Berri, like herself, a stern but kindly taskmaster who treated her much as Dr Johnson treated Fanny Burney. By the austere clothing and stern features, Katie assessed she was in some kind of religious convent. It's said that St. Columba banished it back into the water with the sign of the cross and a stern warning. lattice girders swung over the stern to form a continuation of the engine room overhead rails. He took some part in the political complications of the Scandinavian kingdoms, but the early years of his reign were mainly spent in the administration of his electorate, where by stern and cruel measures he succeeded in restoring some degree of order (see Brandenburg). When the inexperienced teacher realized she could not handle the turmoil in her classroom, she ran out of the door. The "Everlong" acoustic MP3 first gained notice when Dave Grohl performed the song during an appearance on the The Howard Stern Show in 1997. About 60m behind the keel at the stern end, the ship is completely severed in half. Stern, B., et al. With these stern Protestant discourses may be contrasted the beautiful, but somewhat euphuistical sermons of St Francois de Sales (1605-1622), full of mystical imagery. A Simple Method for the Early Diagnosis of Abnormality of the Pupillary Reaction. stern of the vessel, the bridge has been brought forward. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Another word for stern. 2. Anna and Stern held a commitment ceremony shortly after the baby's birth but have not officially married. 4- An effective stern tube and associated bearings were required. Close to the corner, on an overcoat, sat an old, unshaven, gray-bearded soldier as thin as a skeleton, with a stern sallow face and eyes intently fixed on Rostov. EXAMPLES FROM THE WEB FOR STERN Stern displeasure was visible in the countenance of the great sculptor. 3- stern has recently gone into business assembling hang gliders. Example sentences with the word stern. Alex looked up at him and Senor gave him a stern look. The crags which he flung at Britannia did indeed graze the stern and graze the prow of her craft. Examples of stern in a And his cold, stern look replied: "Because you are alive and thinking of the living, while I...". After a stern conflict the French were 27, 1810. had left the ecclesiastical states called for prompt and stern measures. Toward the stern of a ship. You can find Stern locked and loaded with a life-sized cutout of Hilary Rosen at his solar-powered compound somewhere in the Great American Southwest. There is also an imposing bow sprit, together with a large bronze propeller and columns at the stern section. She answered as Martha giggled, earning a stern look. His authority quickly and quietly accepted by all classes, the new ruler governed the city with a stern justice which was in marked contrast to the recent reign of licence and disorder. The loyalty of the independent Sikh chiefs, headed by Patiala, and the stern measures which had been taken with the sepoy regiments enabled Lawrence to reinforce this little army with every available man and gun from the Punjab, in addition to Sikh and Pathan levies. Synonym Discussion of stern. The Chinese Government and people hereby express their utmost indignation and stern condemnation and lodge the strongest protest against this barbaric atrocity. Stern and the doctors are being charged with various felony counts, including conspiracy to prescribe illegal drugs to Smith. Stern, Smith's attorney and companion, as well as two other doctors. She is credited for her husband's look in Twisted Sister, and for Howard Stern's makeover that transformed him from plain to noticeable. Stern turned himself in to authorities and his bail was set at $20,000. The stern warnings posted on our website may have helped. The man frowned and gave Yancey a stern look. The much more difficult task of recovering the grammar of Egyptian has occupied thirty years of special study by Adolf Erman and his school at Berlin, and has now reached an advanced stage. demanded a third voice, in a stern, gruff accent. Throughout the whole of the argument there is strong commonsense and a stern severity unrelieved by conscious humour. Stern definition, firm, strict, or uncompromising: stern discipline. What was left of the force originally detailed for the landing at " V " beach contrived during the early hours by stern fighting to occupy some high ground hard by, and also to join hands with the troops landed at " W " beach. Alex shot her a stern look and she made a face. The tawdry and exaggerated rhetoric; the petty vanity and jealousies; the weak sentimentalism; the utter incapacity for proportioning means to ends, and for grasping the stern realities of things, which so commonly disfigure the lives and conduct even of the more honest members of his class, were wholly alien to his nature. His sympathetic nature was influenced by indignation against the brutal methods adopted towards prisoners, especially political prisoners, and by the stern measures which the government of the tsar felt compelled to adopt in order to repress the revolutionary movement. He has no patience with mere antiquarian study of the Stoical writers. Apparently her stern ramp was deployed on the quayside at the time. Indeed, he was considered by his stern brethren as somewhat too fond and indulgent a parent. Examples of stern in a sentence: 1. City Slickers - This comedic western film stars Billy Crystal, Bruno Kirby and Daniel Stern. , The cop gave Sheryl a stern warning that if she was caught speeding again, she would lose her license for a year. He was respected for his integrity and independence, and a stern outside covered warm affections. Finally he set the cup on the railing and turned to her, his gaze stern. He omits all the reasons for this stern prophecy. Stern went on to say that because of the timing, no one else can claim to be the father. Just for fun: What advice would you say Howard Stern, listed on your Myspace friends, would give on lingerie? • Marina was sat in the stern, the wind moving her hair as she looked out over the water. The religious atmosphere of Ganja, besides, was most favourable to such a state of mind; the inhabitants, being zealous Sunnites, allowed nobody to dwell among them who did not come up to their standard of orthodoxy, and it is therefore not surprising to find that Nizami abandoned himself at an early age to a stern ascetic life, as full of intolerance to others as dry and unprofitable to himself. sonar transducer and GPS antenna can be mounted on a pole and temporarily attached to the boat's stern. stern to bow Back deck has gas locker for two bottles and 240V hook up point. Looking into that stern face, she felt like a child caught with her hand in the candy jar. It is a shallow saucerlike dish either mounted on a stern and foot or on a foot alone. Canovas resumed office in March 1895 immediately after the outbreak of the Cuban insurrection, and devoted most of his time and efforts, with characteristic determination, to the preparation of ways and means for sending 200,000 men to the West Indies to carry out his stern and unflinching policy of no surrender, no concessions and no reforms.