© 2020 Guardian News & Media Limited or its affiliated companies. This is clearly a conflict of interest and totally unethical”, said Deborah Douglas, one of Paterson’s victims. Last modified on Sun 30 Jun 2019 15.55 EDT. Some doctors said some of the earnings differences could also stem from the fact men were more likely to do overtime. According to the NHS Information Centre, NHS Staff Earnings report (January - March 2011), the average NHS consultant salary (under the new NHS contract) is £117,700 pa. (There are around 35,000 consultants working in the NHS.) Based on a relatively small sample of 670 respondents to a survey of 3,000 NHS consultants, the BMA estimates that 53 per cent of consultants undertake some private practice, a The unit value of these awards has been uplifted by 2.5% from 1 April 2019. Sir Jim Mackey, the trust’s chief executive, told the Health Service Journal: “No one wants to wait for treatment, especially when they have been diagnosed with cancer. By highlighting NHS consultants' private income, health bosses seem to be spoiling for a fight. Like all averages, this figure hides the wide range of income. ... Average basic salary for NHS work is £89,000 in England. The highest  paid doctor in NHS is earing £740,000 a year, according to new figures showing a £14,000 pay gap between male and female consultants. About half of England's 46,000 NHS consultants are believed to do private work, on top of the average basic salary of £89,000 a year. And within the NHS, pay alters according to experience and professional development. Peter Walsh, chief executive of the patient safety charity Action against Medical Accidents, said the CHPI’s findings showed that better regulation of private healthcare was needed. For example, the Christie hospital in Manchester, one of the NHS’s specialist cancer hospitals, co-owns the private patient unit it created in partnership with the US-owned private operator HCA Healthcare, called LOC@The Christie LLP. These doctors are referring growing numbers of patients because understaffing and the soaring demand for care means the NHS is struggling to treat people quickly enough. But they said it was clear some of the gap was unfair with the system of bonuses and awards weighted in favour of men. The care is usually provided by NHS doctors doing private work in their own time. Receiving private and NHS care at the same time. Under the deal, agreed in 2003, consultant salaries have risen by 27% - from average pay of £87,000 for their NHS work. The increasing outsourcing of care has prompted concern among NHS campaigners and the Labour party. Figures obtained by the BBC last year showed the highest paid doctor in the NHS … And six times as many men as women were paid the highest bonuses, worth more than £77,000 each. We are legally obliged to offer patients a choice of where they want to be treated and we have six hospital choices, only one of which is Claremont hospital and the work is less than 0.5% of our total activity,” said Priestly. that 28,000 consultants undertake some private practice in the United Kingdom, with the bulk of that concentrated in England (BMA personal communication, 2012). The new figures obtained by the BBC from health trusts, the Government and NHS Digital showed the top-earning male consultant in England earned £739,460, compared to £281,616 for the best-paid woman. Britain’s major health bodies have backed the initiative, announced by the Independent Healthcare Providers Network (IHPN) this week. Best paid of all was a male doctor who earned almost £740,000 in 2016/2017, according to the figures obtained by the BBC. Of those receiving awards for the first time in 2015, just 65 new awards went to women. NHS trusts can be different: The last thing to consider before we look at the pay scales, is that some NHS Trusts can interpret the pay scales and a doctor’s experience in different ways. Twenty eight FTs had no private income during this period, and 89 trusts (62%) had a private patient income less than £1m. 2.13 Where a patient wishes to change from private to NHS status, consultants should help ensure that the following principles apply: • a patient cannot be both a private and a NHS patient for the treatment of one condition during a single visit to a NHS organisation; • any patient seen privately is entitled to subsequently change his In a recent example of the trend, Northumbria Healthcare NHS trust signed a contract with the Rutherford Cancer Centre (https://www.therutherford.com/centres/north-east/) in Bedlington, Northumberland, for it to provide chemotherapy to between 120 and 150 people who have cancer. It explained that it “entered into the joint venture arrangements as we saw that there was a big market potential to develop private patient services. Almost 400 NHS consultants own shares in private hospitals to which they refer patients, exposing them to a potential conflict between their income and patients’ best interests, new research reveals. www.england.nhs.uk NHS England Mandate • Published each year by the DH “To make sure the taxpayer has a say in how this money is spent, the Government provides direction and ambitions for the NHS through a document called ‘the Mandate’.” • Accompanied by Financial Directions • Financial directions set out Revenue resource limits, In light of the size of these pay differences, should senior doctors consider retraining in a new specialty? Much of that involves surgery for hernia repairs, hip and knee replacements or eye conditions. Applying this ratio to mean NHS earnings for April-June 2010 implies consultants earn on average £54,000 per year through private practice and a total of £174,000 per year. 27 / 9 / 2019 3.21pm. But the Christie defended its ties with HCA Healthcare to Rowland. Earlier this year, the National Audit Office (NAO) said the new consultant contract had not improved patient care. The hours worked also fell, from 51.6 per week to 50.2. "Some of it we can explain - men are more likely to do overtime for example - but that doesn't account for it all. Junior doctors in the NHS will now be able to undertake their training in private and independent hospitals thanks to a new agreement reached between the sector and the health service. “Private practice is extremely appealing when you consider that the NHS is getting worse in terms of doctors’ working conditions,” said Cosmo Hallstrom, a consultant psychiatrist based in London who went into private practice 15 years ago. The Christie declined to respond to the CHPI’s findings. There is a clear separation. So, a consultant earns £117,700 pa in the NHS. You can't choose to mix different parts of the same treatment between NHS and private care. If women applied for them they were just as likely to receive them, with both genders having success rates of 26 per cent. Working with the Rutherford Cancer Centre will ensure our patients get timely access and state-of-the-art treatment.”. Its report is based on analysis of declarations about share and equipment ownership that private health firms are legally obliged to make, accounts lodged at Companies House, NHS trusts’ financial reports and freedom of information requests. Medical Directors, NHS England Regional Directors, NHS England Directors of Commissioning Operations, NHS Trust CEs Communications Leads N/A N/A N/A Consultant to Consultant Referrals Good Practice Guide Superseded Docs (if applicable) Contact Details for further information Document Status 0 This is a controlled document. But Neil Priestly, the Sheffield trust’s finance director, said that the Claremont is only one of six other hospitals that its patients can end up being treated at and that its consultants have no say in which one provides the care. NHS trusts have paid at least £40m to 11 private hospitals in which some of their own consultants own shares, according to CHPI’s findings. Private earnings vary significantly by specialty; plastic surgeons on average earn an additional 190% on top of their NHS income through private practice, whilst paediatricians She called for more leadership training and mentoring of women working in medicine. In addition, consultants can earn several times their salaries in private practice. In the most notorious case of that scenario, disgraced breast surgeon Ian Paterson referred 750 patients from Solihull hospital, part of what was the Heart of England NHS trust, where he worked on to private hospitals at which he performed operations. UK private hospitals have 8,482 beds, according to LaingBuisson, which supplies healthcare data to the government. That sum has increased in recent years as the number of patients waiting for planned care at at NHS hospitals has risen, now standing at a record 4.4 million people. Overall - 22,874 of 43,856 consultants in England - more than half - received some kind of bonus, of between £17,000 and £77,000 a report to ministers shows. Overall 548 senior NHS doctors own shares or equipment or both. The average full-time income of UK doctors who responded to the survey was £114,600, with a median value of £95,000. the NHS. A report says 371 consultants own shares in private healthcare, exposing a potential conflict of interest, Sun 30 Jun 2019 13.13 EDT Dr Jacky Davis, a radiologist and former chairman of the NHS Consultants Association, said she was "surprised and disappointed" by the figures. Contributed by: Diversity and inclusion Alice Sorby and Yemisi Osibote who are staff-side and management side co-chairs of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Group (part of the NHS Staff Council), share insights on the importance of partnership working to ensure pay progression equality. But his notion “It encourages consultants to look at patients as cash machines and not people”. Share-owning Christie consultants were entitled to £2.35m in dividends of the overall £22.6m in dividends generated in 2013-17, on top of their NHS and private earnings, Rowland estimates. Records show that the trust paid Claremont £16.3m between 2015/16 and 2017/18 and its referrals accounted for 30% of the private hospital’s overall income, Rowland said. In the NHS, basic pay for consultants is topped up by a system of merit awards, which can be worth almost at least as much. NHS trusts are sending growing numbers of their own patients to be treated in private hospitals because their own services are so busy that they cannot treat them themselves. The pay gap shrank to £1,500 when overtime and bonuses were stripped out. Such gifts included a hospitality package to an England-West Indies cricket match that cost £1,068. Male consultants working full-time earned an average of £127,683, including bonuses - 12 per cent more than female consultants, who received an average of £113,874. The 2012 NHS reforms in England allowed trusts to generate more income from private practice in the expectation that this would support improved NHS care, but, as Sarah Walpole and colleagues show, existing governance arrangements provide no assurance that such benefits are being realised The 2012 Health and Social Care Act was the largest ever reorganisation of the English NHS… The statistics show just five out of the 100 top-earning NHS consultants in England are female, despite women making up a third of the total workforce. However, in order to ensure that there is no risk of the NHS subsidising private care: • It should always be clear whether an individual procedure or treatment is privately funded or NHS funded. The private income quoted is less than 0.5% of the NHS budget for 2013/14. All NHS Trusts should be following the same pay scale structures when recruiting and offering salaries to doctors, but this is not always the case! In all, 371 senior doctors have a stake in some of the private hospitals that are earning more than £1bn a year from NHS trusts. Find out more, The Telegraph values your comments but kindly requests all posts are on topic, constructive and respectful. The data reveals that average total salaries in the UK consulting industry range from roughly £44,000 for junior consultant to just under £170,000 for partners. Dr Anthea Mowat, of the British Medical Association, said despite recent progress on gender pay, the figures showed there was "clearly still a long way to go". Another 177 medical consultants own equipment in private hospitals such as CT scanners and lasers, 67 of whom earn a fee each time it is used, according to a study of links between NHS doctors in England and the private sector by the Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI). Once a bonus is given, it is normally handed out for life, and is pensionable. Ensuring equality in pay progression systems. Consultants say NHS England move to reveal additional income from private practice is an attempt to misrepresent them The HCSA said most senior doctors did no private … Private patient unit income hits £360m in London By Ben Clover 2018-02-21T06:00:00 London trusts increased their income from private patient units by 8.1 per cent year on year, with earnings hitting £360m in 2016, new analysis reveals. We urge you to turn off your ad blocker for The Telegraph website so that you can continue to access our quality content in the future. “If doctors stand to gain financially from treating patients this can influence their clinical decision-making. NHS private patient income predicted to grow every year to 2020 By Ben Clover 2017-10-17T09:55:00 Income from private patient work carried out by NHS run units will grow by more than 5 per cent in each of the next three calendar years, researchers have predicted. A few trusts had very large incomes, as shown in the following table. The development is important for the Christie as [the profit from] it makes a significant contribution towards our NHS services.”, Available for everyone, funded by readers. David Rowland, the thinktank’s director and author of the report, said the existence of such financial relationships – most of which are hidden from public view – give the doctors concerned a direct financial incentive to refer patients to a private hospital for treatment they do not need. Its research found that women were far less likely than men to apply for such bonuses. It said only that the true proportion of its oncologists who own shares in its joint venture with HCA was more likely to be under 10%, rather than the 20% which Rowland stated. UK Nurses can work in the NHS or the private sector and pay can vary greatly between the sectors. Last week Simon Stevens, chief executive of the NHS, expressed concern that female doctors were far less likely than male doctors to receive clinical excellence awards. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) also produces an analysis of the UK income distribution in its annual Households below average income (HBAI) publication, using data from its Family Resources Survey (FRS). This figure is used to determine an NHS employer’s funding commitment for their LCEA round in a given year. Sir, The recommendation by Sir Malcolm Grant, the chairman of NHS England, that NHS consultants should declare their private practice income may seem straightforward (report, Sep 20). Some NHS trusts have entered into a joint venture with a private company to set up a profit-making private facility to which they refer patients and at which some of their leading doctors also work, the CHPI report discloses. Private health firms have also spent at least £1.5m on treating NHS consultants to trips to Wimbledon, cricket matches and golf tournaments, Rowland also discovered. Traineeship was a major drawback with migration, and retraining domestically is an option that few consultants are willing to entertain. How do NHS consultant earnings compare with private consultant earnings?