Once you have reached 261 AP, buy a TET Nouver weapon for your class. Their talents improve as the pets’ tier increases. Calculate optimal failstacks for accessories, weapons and armors. Good to hear you’ve looked into Weakauras, and Wago as resource of finding pre made functions. For dogs, regardless of tier and kind, they give increased skill EXP. When you have multiple pets summoned, their buffs will stack if they are identical. Trinity Online 19,698 views Finally, you want need to do the Igor Bartali’s Adventure Log and Deve’s Encyclopedia. Pets are bought at the Pearl Shop or given as Attendance, Challenge, or quest rewards. Pets for Fishing BDO. Pets have a max of 4 tiers and each tier has up to 10 levels. You’ve found a solution, but if you feel like delving into making your own, you can create a bar from scratch or template that tracks the frenzy buff from your pet, and shows you time left, and the number of stacks. The best pet for AFK-fishing is the penguin. To do so you must purchase a trade pack and walk around with it on your back. Training your strength attribute to level 20 is not so time-consuming, but anything beyond that becomes questionable as the gains are minuscule compared to the effort. What Branding does it halves the durability loss of an item that works when you’re grinding or getting killed, but it also works for fishing. Black Desert Online failstack calculator with enhance simulator. BDO WORKER & NODE GUIDE 2020 HOW TO START STEP BY STEP TUTORIAL BLACK DESERT ONLINE - Duration: 21:50. I had 130% on Doom and ended up with a Pegasus that had 56% . Nov. 2020 update! Different types of pets have different talents. The higher your pet’s level and/or tier, the faster it will loot. Pets have 1 Special Ability, 1 Talent, and up to 3 Skills. The example above does not include the 5 AP from Adventure Logs. May-casts are something else. However, the same pet cannot have duplicate skills so tier 3 cat cannot have two … So I've heard that you can have up to 3 pets on at the same time but my question is, do these buff stack ? For cats, regardless of tier and kind, they give increased life EXP. Even with multiple pets, all the talents stack. Ideally, find pets that have manifested the may-cast talent you want and hatch with it. Brand Stone Black Desert. Pets level up after being fed. The reason it fails is purely RNG, increasing one stat over the other only increases the chances of getting one horse over another, do note that even if you do go above 100% , chances are that you still might get a horse where you have a lower % . For example if I have 3 pengouins, would i have three time the fishing speed bonus or would it only give it to me once. You can set your character to auto loop within a town and just leave him to it. Completing both of these adventure logs will give you an additonal 5 AP which will help you reach the 261 bracket. Pets pick up your loot for you. For example if I have 3 cats summoned, each with +3% alchemy XP, I will get +9% alchemy XP. Those stats only have to do with how much value a stat talent (like Spell Proof or Pain Giver) would give you. Pets bonuses stack ? Penguins reduce the auto-fishing time, making them good pets to have if you AFK-fish. The pets stats (strength, will, etc) don’t have anything to do with which talents will manifest.