amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; Cambridge Audio’s AXA35 integrated amplifier and AXC35 CD player make a fine budget combo. It served me well for many years and fetched a pretty penny when I finally decided to upgrade. Cambridge Audio 851W The 851W power amp has twice as many connections as the average stereo amp, and has the biggest bolt I’ve seen on any component for some time. No DAC‌ filter settings. I always get a little bit nostalgic when talking about Cambridge Audio, because they made the first audiophile oriented amplifier I ever purchased. The new CX‌ Series Integrated Amplifiers improve upon the originals with new ESS Sabre ES9016K2M DAC chips replacing the old 24/192 Wolfson DACs. BA1 1UA. Hans Zimmer’s compositions for Inception are appropriately brooding; the tension is maintained throughout, courtesy of expressive slow-building dynamics, and plenty of low-end weight captures their somberness. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. The dark grey finish that Cambridge has adopted for many of its recent products looks stylish and helps add a sense of purpose. When I compared Bluetooth to the sound produced by the USB‌ input, the USB was more spacious and had more depth, but the difference wasn’t immediately evident. Sign up below to get the latest from What Hi-Fi?, plus exclusive special offers, direct to your inbox! It’s able to tie together the drubbing bassline with the thumping drum and vocal more convincingly, and the Cambridge amp sounds more enamored with the track’s inherently attacking nature. The $350 Cambridge Audio AXA integrated amplifier may not offer the wireless connectivity, voice control, or loudspeaker feature of the Sonos, but it does offer two things that make … Individually, the amplifier is no slouch, but the CD player is something of a budget marvel that … The Audiolab also has the screen, tone controls, and DAC filters the CXA81 lacks. The Best Integrated Amplifiers Around $1000 (2020). Cambridge Audio is a British hi-fi specialist whose roots go back more than half a century. This time around, they used a matte grey finish on the front panel instead of the brushed aluminum look they used before. It's currently … Cambridge Audio AXC35 CD player and AXA35 amplifier review Andrew Everard Monday, February 17, 2020 Part of the latest entry-level range from the British-based company, there’s something old … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Holiday Gift Guide 2020: 10 Stocking Stuffer Ideas For The Audiophile/Music Lover! Sound: After listening to a lot of Cambridge Audio gear over the years, I‌ expected the CXA‌81 to have a lively, rhythm-driven sound, and I wasn’t disappointed. Cambridge Audio CXA81 Stereo Integrated Amplifier Review: Magical Mind-Blowing Musicality! Cambridge Audio's Azur 350A may be an entry-level integrated amplifier, but I was impressed by its … Just a single listen will tell you how entertaining this Cambridge Audio amplifier is. Company & Product Overview. The CXA81 is plug and play. On the digital side, there’s 1 S/PDIF coaxial, 2 TOSLINK optical, and 1 USB audio. There’s no screen, no menus, no tone controls. The overall design of the CX‌ Series 2 is quite similar to the first CX Series, adopting the same beautiful “floating chassis” design. It’s certainly one of the classiest-looking mid-range models we’ve come across. aptX Bluetooth is an optional upgrade by way of a £70 dongle, but going wireless (and spending extra to do so) isn’t necessary. In fact, where it excels is in its complete sound, high-resolution audio support and impressive set of connections. At just over 8cm tall, you’re confronted by quite a slender hi-fi separate. A 24-bit/192kHz DAC supports native hi-res playback across its two optical and single coaxial inputs, which join four line level inputs, a 3.5mm auxiliary input for plugging in MP3 players or smart devices, and a 3.5mm headphone jack.  This is the type of sound I heard in the original CX Series, so no surprise there, but in Series 2, I‌ also heard more refinement, especially in the treble and mids. They’re almost like heirlooms, the type of thing you pass down to your kids. MORE: Best hi-fi deals – CD players, amps, DACs and more. Thank you for signing up to What Hi-Fi?. Boy, was I‌ wrong. View hifitrendsblog’s profile on Facebook. When … Cambridge Audio CXA61 review – Generation game 0 Integrated amplifier Four years after the CXA60, Cambridge Audio launches its smarter successor and it’s been worth the wait, says … The Cambridge Audio AXA35 is a 35W per channel stereo amplifier, positioned at the budget end of the market. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit"; Cambridge Audio amps are robust powerhouses, engineered to provide long-term listening pleasure. Class-leading sound in the sub-$1000 price range. It improves upon the enjoyable if flawed CXA80 with new features, putting in an authoritative performance. Best Buys: 5 Marvelous MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) DACs…$99 to $799! The whine and crunch of the guitar riff sounds textured and has plenty of bite, while the edgy, ragged nature of Jack White’s voice is deftly conveyed. But with the CXA81, the aptX‌ HD sounded so good; I actually found myself doing critical listening with it on. I thought it was a beautiful piece of industrial design. The CXA81 also has a warmer, more approachable sound that will probably appeal to younger buyers. Thankfully, its energetic performance doesn’t cross the line into unruly, overzealous territory, the Cambridge is disciplined enough to exercise plenty of control when it comes to dynamics and rhythms. One of them was the CXA60 integrated amplifier. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Cambridge Audio Azur 851A Integrated Class XD Amplifier - Black at Earlier this year, Cambridge Audio announced a revamp of their well-reviewed CX Series hi-fi components called CX‌ Series 2. (I loved the synergy of that combination, by the way, more on that later). 'Sound first' philosophyDesigned from the ground-up, the AM1 is a no-frills amp … If you’re using software like Roon or Audirvana, then you can make some adjustments there, but if you’re a control freak, it’s something to think about. amzn_assoc_design = "enhanced_links"; The amp delivers a transparent, open sound with ample power to manage difficult loads. The Cambridge AXA35 integrated amplifier is ideal for dedicated audiophiles on a budget. The sound was upfront, putting me in the front seat of an intimate club. Usually, when I use it on an Integrated Amp, it’s for a quick listening session where I’m just playing music in the background. Last year, Cambridge Audio’s mid-ranging CX Series arrived with a figurative bang, and our affection for it hasn’t wavered since – not least for the jewel in its crown: the £500 CXA60 integrated stereo amplifier. They always have a ton of headroom, and they always help you feel the music. amzn_assoc_asins = "B083TFK6ZH"; Phoria +17 Other Artists! The Cambridge Audio CXA80 is one of the better looking integrated amplifiers and sounds quite nice as well. That’s what it’s all about. Got as much as £500 to spend on a new amplifier? amzn_assoc_linkid = "723b89cfab5658088876c78942cc6e6f"; (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Enter your email address and subscribe to our newsletter. Looking at its sleek ‘floating chassis’ design and clean, uncluttered fascia next to the more traditional dial-heavy Marantz PM6006 will no doubt split opinion. All rights reserved. It’s clear Cambridge Audio has given plenty of thought to every aspect of the design; rather than settle for a bland box that it could well get away with at this modest price, the company has made it look and feel every bit a high quality product. The Direct mode feature is worth pursuing, as it blocks any sonic degradation from the tone controls and aims to deliver the purest sound possible. For me, it’s not a dealbreaker because I don’t use EQ or tone controls as a general rule. If you’re the type who likes to tinker, you may not be happy with this amp. Product Of The Year 2019-Loudspeakers: The Marvelous TRIANGLE‌ BOREA BR03 Bookshelf Speakers Review! This is underneath and … There was a problem. Audiophile Holiday Gift Guide 2019:‌ Super Saturday Shopping/Audio Deals/Last-Minute Christmas Gifts! These Are The Best Wireless Headphones For Audiophiles! I fully expected to be underwhelmed with Bluetooth over the Kef speakers because they’re so revealing. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual"; Delivering in every aspect (apart from a USB input), the CXA60 remains the most exciting-sounding and competitively-featured package out there. Copyright © HI-FI Trends 2018 All right reserved. I was … When I‌ switched over to the USB‌ input, playing Roon from my HP Envy Laptop, I was even more impressed. The sound produced … The thick metal faceplate and big toroidal transformer told me this amp … These Best-Selling Bookshelf Speakers Are At All-Time Low Prices! The Reveal: Cambridge Audio “Amps Up” Their New Wireless Earbuds! © The firm designed its first product in 1968, making its debut with the revolutionary P40. That means it has the gusto needed to drive inefficient speakers like the Kef LS50 to their full potential. The CXA81 drove the beat through the LS50 speakers with fantastic authority. Connections-wise, the Cambridge and Marantz offerings are very similar, even in their joint omission of a USB input for plugging in a laptop or external hard-drive. So we're proud to bring you its latest model, the Cambridge Audio Topaz AM1. The price may be a cut above average, but the Edge A is no average integrated amp. Then, after glowing reviews … What It Doesn’t Do: There’s not a lot of fine-tuning here. Conclusion:‌ I can’t get enough of the CXA81 tuning. But how much better than the Emotiva unit I still have to figure out. If you listen to many different genres of music and just want it all to sound good, no muss, no fuss, then this is the amp for you. The 840 … (questionable if they’re needed anyway) What you hear is what you get. The soundstage became massive, with crazy amounts of air between instruments. The subject of this review is the least-expensive Azur integrated amplifier, the 350A ($499). amzn_assoc_region = "US"; The more I listen to it, the more I fall in love. It looks smart, has a wide spread of connections, and delivers a solid, competitive sound that manages to be exciting and easy to listen to in equal measure. Verdict: This pairing of Cambridge Audio’s AXA35 amplifier and AXC35 CD player makes an ideal starter kit for anyone getting into HiFi. Cambridge Audio Azur 840W Amplifier Reviewed The stereo Azur 840W from Cambridge AUdio has 200 watts per channel, and an understated design that reviewer Jim Swantko … The CXA81 is Roon Tested, which means the manufacturer has worked with Roon to ensure it can, amongst other things, receive a bit-perfect signal from the software, and do some other DSP tricks for better sound quality. The transparency was terrific. Cambridge's great year continues with the CXA81 integrated amplifier. Cambridge Audio’s unique Class XA amplification format used in Edge A and Edge W amplifiers is also found in Edge M. Class XA amplification technology offers the sound quality of a Class A design, but … #NewMusicFriday…New Record Releases You Need To Hear feat. That doesn’t mean it leaves things like detail, dynamics and rhythmic precision trailing behind – the amplifier skillfully handles complex arrangements and is capable of delivering subtle, accurate detail. They also have built-in aptX‌ HD‌ Bluetooth receivers for “high-resolution” wireless audio. I don’t think many will miss the aux input, but the omission of tone controls may be a deal-breaker for some. I think the new finish is more up to date, so I dig it. Awesome! Cambridge Audio has always been known for the great value HiFi products and we were lucky enough to get our hands on a pre-production model of a new, entry level integrated amp that will ship soon, the AXA35 which is the focus of today’s review. Other Options: If you’re looking for an amp with a flatter, more detailed sound, then the Audiolab 6000A is another option out there around $1000. So here we are. Listening to Daft Punk’s “Touch,” I‌ was amazed at the instrument separation and clarity of the vocals. I purchased a Cambridge Audio Azur 540a V2 integrated in the early 2000s because I was impressed with its robust design. Fluid, snappy and packed with enthusiasm, it puts musical enjoyment high on its list of priorities. Outputs include a 3.5mm headphone out, Preamp Out, and Subwoofer Out. Inspired by a Sam Tellig column I read around that time, I paired a Cambridge Azur integrated amplifier and CD player with a pair of Triangle Titus XS minimonitors. Please refresh the page and try again. You will receive a verification email shortly. This review is on the Cambridge Audio CXA61, an integrated amplifier that offers a lot of features for the money, coupled with that amazing Cambridge Audio sound.. All The Best Amazon Black Friday Deals (Plus Many More Black Friday 2020 & Cyber Monday Deals! It’s clear Cambridge Audio has given plenty of thought to every aspect of the design; rather than settle for a bland box that it could well get away with at this modest price, the company has made it look and feel every bit a high quality product. It also has the best sounding Bluetooth section I’ve ever heard on an integrated amp, blowing away the Bluetooth on my Audiolab 6000A‌ reference unit. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). Description. Whichever you prefer, this Cambridge Audio amplifier makes a great first impression – not least with its simple, elegant display, satisfyingly smooth volume, balance and tonal dials and blue coloured buttons, which click satisfyingly and are indicative of the Cambridge’s seamless operation. A great £500 amplifier that looks and sounds the part – this Cambridge is a big success. ), HI-FI Trends Product Of The Year Awards 2020: Best Amplifiers, Music Streamers, a revamp of their well-reviewed CX Series hi-fi components called CX‌ Series 2.