Extraversion: indicates how outgoing and social you are. In fact, the number of nursing specialties is constantly growing and evolving with the rest of the medical field. All nurses are healers; that’s just simply part of the job. ... Unite, and Advance every nurse, student, and educator. They are trustworthy individuals that have a tremendous responsibility in society. MBTI® Test ESFJ Registered Nurse Strong Interest Inventory® General Occupational Theme Code: Social, Investigative, Conventional (SIC) (GOT) Individuals who possess an ESFJ Myers-Briggs® Test Type (MBTI®) tend to be warm, sympathetic, and helpful. Rate yourself for the traits below on a scale of 1–5, with 5 meaning you posses the trait strongly: 1. ISFJ - The Nurturer. It is a nurse’s main goal … 2. 3. SDN and Anita Taylor, author of How to Choose a Medical Specialty, have partnered to provide this online overview of specialities.Learn more about each specialty and take the assessment quiz to find out which specialties best match your values and personality. Quiz: Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Good Nurse? If you are the person who loooves to crack things and turn them inside out to fix them up, then I would take you to the… However, deciding which specialty to pick might be tricky, so take this quiz to discover the nursing specialty that is best for you. In this quiz, you will be asked about your personality and work preferences. It's very rewarding for my personality type, and it's usually not too overwhelming. Or are you best suited to medical research? They quickly respond to order and predictability. Once you take this quiz, you’ll want to continue on to take our 4-letter personality quiz. For example, some settings, such as a trauma unit in an emergency room, are fast-paced and high-stress, where you’ll see all kinds of patients and treat all kinds of ailments. I really enjoy the one on one time I spend w/ my patients, and I think I'd like to … This quiz was created by Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA) to promote our educational programs and to provide general information (and in some cases, personality traits) UMA believes to be associated with UMA’s programs and the related careers in the healthcare field. Video on “A … Here is a personality test to see which area of nursing you may fit in with the best. Personality testing, to my knowledge, is not standard for screening candidates for specialties. Considering what your day-to-day work will look like is a natural tie-in … Which specialty is best suited to your interests, abilities, and personality? 1 shows the prevalence of Type D within the different specialty areas, indicating that medical and surgical units had the lowest percentage of Type D personalities (23%), and paediatric units had the highest with 36% meeting the criteria for Type D personality. The Lightning. The Big 5 Personality Theoryis a common way of categorizing traits. Since 1997, allnurses is trusted by nurses around the globe. In the future, not sure if I want to get my RN or go for my masters in Psych (I have a BA in art). Neuroticism: your level of emoti… They are also decisive, thorough, and consistent. If you are passionate about the health of others, you can work as a nurse practitioner and get big pay for it. Nurses exhibit many admirable traits including strength, intelligence, patience and perseverance. While people with certain traits may tend to gravitate toward specific specialties, that doesn’t mean you won’t excel if you don’t have the exact personality type common to doctors in your specialty. If you like the idea of multiple codes, or the challenge of dealing with patients who are getting sick (and getting sick fast), you might want consider working in the emergency room. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :) Even though some joke that most doctors have a “type A personality”, the personality profiles of physicians span all 16 of the different Myers Briggs personalities. Some nurses just love a code ... while others would rather stick 16 gauge needles under their fingernails than go through an ACLS algorithm. While people with certain traits may tend to gravitate toward specific specialties, that doesn’t mean you won’t excel if you don’t have the exact personality type common to doctors in your specialty. Is working as a GP or a psychiatrist the right fit? Adrenaline junkies are also a grea… Which nursing specialty will suit you best? Oh, gals and guys, now these! ISTJs are innate organizers. There is not a great deal of research correlating personality with choice of nursing specialty. Within this nursing sample, the average prevalence of Type D personality totalled up to 28%. Certain work environments may be a better fit for your personality type and strengths as a nurse than others. Nurses who have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® have found themselves in one of the 16 types based on Jung’s four scales of: 1. BLS estimates do not represent entry-level wages and/or salary. This will help you realize what personality type you have as a nurse, and it will reveal some specialties that may be a good match for you. There are many different medical specialties. The options for nursing specialties are too many to list here, but I hope you get an idea to allow your personality to select a specialty area where you can thrive. • Customer Service Personality Test This type of test will evaluate what kind of reactions you have to stressful interactions with customers, and how personable you are with others. Fun. Agreeableness: measures your view of human nature and how well you get along. Take this quiz to see if nursing is the right career path for you! This test is especially useful for roles in a hospital or healthcare setting that directly involve dealing with patients or family members of patients. Healthcare Facts: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports: The health care and medical field careers with the highest projected employment increases are registered nurses, personal and home care aides, home health aides, nursing aides, orderlies, and attendants; medical assistants, and licensed practical and licensed vocational nurses. They are the one that has … We picked seven of our biggest locum tenens physician specialties — obstetrics/gynecology, gastroenterology, neurology, emergency medicine, oncology, surgery and pediatrics — and put together a short quiz to help you determine which one suits you. Choosing a specialty is a big, life-altering decision. What are your experiences with taking care of family members when they are sick? 4. However, if you choose to stay working "the floor," or any general nursing departments, that is a specialty area all on its own. Would you be best suited to cardiology or A&E? Nursing Personality Quiz Deservedly so, the nursing profession garners incredible respect. The Healing Angel. A popular family of ESFJ careers that benefit from these characteristics includes … Not only will you treat traumatic injuries - from the common to the highly unusual, you'll also see many patients in urgent need of care, such as those in cardiac arrest. Choosing a nursing specialty can be difficult. “Our studies have found dramatic differences in personality between nurses in different specialties,” he says. Start the quiz by choosing one of these which describes you. There’s no denying that certain personality traits tend to match up with specific medical specialties. No matter what you pick, if you enjoy helping people and get a thrill from bringing them to health, we know nursing is a good career for you—no matter the specialty. Pick the answer that you think fits best, and in the end, we will tell you what kind of nurse you should be. Remember that while this quiz is designed to give you a good idea of the specialty that would suit you, remember that this quiz is only a fun indication! Consider the Day-to-Day Job. If you were taking care of someone and had to deal with bodily fluids, what would your reaction be? That is why they thrive in positions that ... ISTP - The Mechanic. The NICU is for premature infants and patients up to 30 days old; the PICU is for patients over 30 days old. Conscientiousness: your tendency for methodical planning and perseverance. Fig. There’s much more to the nursing field than most people think. Jim Thompson, principal psychologist at Somerville Partners, explains how personality differences play a significant role in nurse employment. It is 130 questions but it goes pretty quickly. Find Your Specialty Quiz - Path 3 No matter how far you are in your nursing journey, there’s a specialty to suit you. This test is not based on any scientific study whatsoever. This is mainly because personality and medical specialty often go hand in hand because different medical specialties require … ISFP - The Adventurer. Please note that this quiz is for entertainment purposes. These nurses are heavenly! The Medical Specialty For You (According to Your Personality Type) – Part 1. Answer the follow questions with the answer you think fits your personality best. ISTJ - The Logistician. Take this quiz! What does a Nurse do on the Job? Our members represent more than 60 professional nursing specialties. If you like the idea of working as a nurse but aren’t sure exactly what you’d like to do, take this quiz and find out which nursing specialty might suit you best!