Hi, I know this is probably an older post, but I just came across it. It means so much that you read this article and all the way in South Africa! Your authenticity. And that’s why I take care of, forgive and allow myself to enjoy my life. You are 150% unique. Though sometimes I do so very unconsciously. Just you being here in this moment, reading these words, savoring your life, is a gift to yourself. And she/he totally rocks! Aria, you just made my day! xo. Feeling like you don't belong anywhere? So I decided I would attempt it. Why I would never be “just like everyone else“. I mean, take a look in the mirror. Learning to stop hating yourself does take time. It’s so easy to beat up on ourselves. Here are a few of my favorites, some of the steps I’ve taken lately to like myself more. Many of us spend a lot of time thinking about the things we’ve done wrong, the mistakes that we’ve made or how we haven’t yet achieved all of the things that we want to achieve. 14. So thank you! Now after reading your message I feel inspired to love myself an stop letting others bring me down thanks you’re amazing girl I am not pretty 12. It’s called your unconscious. Your fears aren’t unique, but they’re uniquely yours. add me on snap- badbadblake life is crazy. I know that I can do it myself and do it exactly to my specifications. I’m aware that they all form a part of who am I. I like to learn new things 15. Your quirks are adorable and oh-so-loveable! So I waited and waited for an opportunity to come along. And I can’t find them, I’ll learn them. I love and accept myself, so that I can move towards knowing myself in the most sincere and subtle way I can. It makes you feel like there's a wall that's keeping…, "Why can't I talk about my feelings?" Don’t just say, “I love my eyes.” Instead, try “I love my eyes because they capture so many details about the world, which makes me more creative and more attentive to beauty.” Something like that. Kudos to you my friend! 35. but hey, it. You’re resilient as hell! Your choices. You’re strong. I love myself, just like I love everything that comes out of me and all of which I keep within. 8. You’re like the hope diamond (only waaaaaaay more sparkly)! 20. Here are a few of the steps I've taken lately to like myself more. You’ve weathered the storms. Maybe it’s the unfamiliarity, and I just have to be more enthusiastic. And you haven’t stopped believing in them (even if it sometimes feels like you have). You’re open to growing. Or like to eat ice cream while devouring Vogue magazine. Whether movies, paintings or going to a play, you love being entertained and appreciate art in all its many forms. Sending you big hugs! I love myself, just like I love everything that comes out of me and all of which I keep within. Everyone lives them based on their experiences. Let me know if you’ll be doing the challenge and report any insights in the comments! I really wanted to try wetting my pants just for the heck of it. in south africa, Hi Inesh! You don’t discriminate. In the Heartland of America during the 80’s and early 90’s. My successes and also my failures. Your sense of style. Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance. In no sense is this information intended to provide diagnoses or act as a substitute for the work of a qualified professional. Many times, our life…, Some concepts have similar meanings and people often confuse them. I love the joy, guilt, sadness, fear. Your mouth. Massage and speak your feelings of gratitude (even if they feel hard to say). Like CRAAAZZZY good! Your honesty is admirable. Let's see why … I can tell myself to do something and i just go yeah, or I can do the easy thing. I love myself, and therefore I know that within me I have all of the resources and tools I need to survive. Your ability to bring out the best in others. Why I wasn’t lovable. And that’s why the situations are different. It is also a fun rhyming story with colorful imagery. Your toes. #rockon. I just don't like myself. I Like Myself is about a little girl that expresses her self-esteem in imaginative ways, thus, teaching children how to improve their self-esteem no matter what life throws at them. 🙂 Making better decisions, improving our relationships with others, having more…, Buspirone is an anti-anxiety drug. 13. Yep, even if you haven’t jumped on a trampoline, made snow cones or built forts in FOREVER, your inner kiddo is still alive and kickin’. I like to joke about myself 10. For example, this is the case with acceptance and resignation.…, Some effective emotional control techniques can greatly change your life. Like I was preparing myself, saying “animals have to go through this and it forces them to adapt, so if I do it i will be stronger”. Though sometimes I do so very … Your arms. I wanted to feel worthless, sad and abused by myself because I deserved it. It’s the way you communicate your personality to the outside world. You are 150% unique. Events may … for FREE! Also, another great reason for DIY is personalization. Are you game? My aunt wanted everyone in the family to fill out gratitude jars for the year as a little something/something. We might have some things in common, but no two people are the same. You’re a seeker. 6. You might know a lot, but there still much you have left to learn. Curves, bumps, humps and all – hot damn! 48. You’re not the only one. Pressure’s off. I love myself and that’s why I don’t compare myself, because it does my no good. Your love of entertainment and art. You’re still a kiddo at heart. Racism was subversive. Either way, you’re goofy, dorky, silly and that makes you all kinds of special (in the best possible way)! 19. There’s nothing in life you can’t overcome. Your quirky habits. Get a wonderful body oil that smells delicious, go somewhere quiet and private and massage your body from your toes up to your head. Live in Alignment With Your Values and Beliefs. xo. What are the reasons YOU have for having more self-love? I love myself and my emotions. And my oh my do you look fabulous! I am short 11. 50. 46. 29. Especially in those moments when I’m feeling depressed, not super wonderful or need a little reminder. It might not feel like that’s worth celebrating, but your lowest of low’s are what enable you to reach the highest of high’s. Julia, this just made my week. Why you’re unique and oh-so-irreplaceable. The ocean, the mountains, the grass, the desert. Or have your pencils lined up just so. Because it’s just like Oscar Wilde said, “The best love story is the one you have with yourself.”. And so I can look for solutions with hope and bravery for each one of my difficulties, if it’s even possible. 12. There will never (ever) be anyone just like you. And you will protect the ones you love – always. It made a dreary morning so much better. Baby, you were born that way. It wasn’t exactly a hotbed of diversity in my ‘hood. You’re not afraid to work through the hard stuff. I love myself! I was half-Japanese. 24. You have dreams, endless, beautiful dreams. If this is an option that you’d like to keep open, instead of just shutting the door on the person, it’s often better to just say, “This sounds like an interesting opportunity, but I just don’t have the time at the moment. 10. The content in this publication is presented for informative purposes only. And if it’s not, I accept the infinite possibilities that life wants to present to me. Your ability to sink really low. But, this isn’t a sob story. You have compiled the list beautifully. It happens more often than I’d like to admit. Like the previous example, there are situations where we assume that the other person requires an explanation, when in fact they don’t. So, in the sprit of self-love, I’ve got a little challenge for you. It is likely that your opinions are less negative; you should still consider this an improvement. International: Português | Türkçe | Deutsch | 日本語 | Italiano | Español | Suomi | Français | Polski | Dansk | Norsk bokmÃ¥l | Svenska | Nederlands | 한국어. You don’t settle. A statement that explains your negative thought. Why don't I accept myself? You give love. I just feel like I should kill myself I hate my life and no one cares about me. Why should you always be yourself? Your faith which gets you through the rough patches. I have some people in my life who don’t always follow through with what they say, or don’t always show up where and when they said they would, etc. From the moment that you stood on stage alone with a microphone, to the time you cried in front of your boss, to the tenderness you express with loved ones – you are vulnerable. Well, for now, you must figure out why. There’s no one like me, just like there’s no one like you. Perhaps you could check back with me in [give a time frame].” Your excellent taste in music. 41. I have true friends 13. I love myself, because I’m a unique and unrepeatable person. xo. 26. For twelve years I didn’t feel like myself and I claimed to be searching for her every time I tried something new to fill the ever growing hole in my life, but it was only adding to the clutter in my life. So yes, I know what I like about myself, and I encourage you to share what you like about yourself. Maybe there’s was no other way I could do it due to my circumstances, but I can always look for alternatives if the situation requires it. 39. We might have some things in common, but no two people are the same. Your belief that in the end, it’ll be ok (even when you’re not sure you really do believe). I want to be happy with my life. It sounds strange and indescribable, but I go on. You feel love. Thank you. 45. The way you defend the ones you love. Yep, you do. I will get over this. Whatever they may be. I’m sure this is a not uncommon feeling amongst elementary and junior high kids. . That seems crazy to me, but it's the truth. I also love my mind, and all of the thoughts and feelings that it generates. You’re not perfect and that’s A-OK. ‘Cause perfect isn’t the goal anyway. I love all of the emotions I experience, because I know that each one of them is showing me something in order to keep getting to know and work on myself and experience life. A stand up kinda lady if there ever was one! 3. I’m so glad you left me this note, and truly, so grateful that you stopped by and this inspired you. 42. A lengthy list of reasons why you’re worth it. Your brainiac smarts. You have a keen appreciation for beauty. There will never (ever) be anyone just like you. For this we recommend that you contact a reliable specialist. I just wanted to thank you for this post…I have it shared all over my facebook for my friends and family to read because it is really, truly, beautifully written! Your fears – yes your fears. I don't know why I think like this. 37. 1. Normally, the "custom" modifications would cost substantially more, but if I make the project myself, it will cost less than the non … 49. After all, the mainstream media has been working non-stop to make me and countless others hate the president and see him as Public Enemy No. 17. When they don’t feel like themselves, some people rush to correct the distress they’re feeling. All of you is gorgeous and worthy of heaps of love. 27. What I perceive, hear, feel, taste and smell. Your capacity for loving others (and yourself) is endless. Are you not getting along with your parents? You’ve got a gift and you’re not afraid to use it. Racism was subversive. Here I am in front of the mirror, observing and feeling myself. There’s a combination of the same and of different things in every human being, but every time it’s authentic and unrepeatable. If you’ve ever asked, “why can’t I control myself,” here’s your answer: You’re fighting a battle with an invisible enemy. Your eyes. So it’s implied that I love my whole body, just how it is and everything I can do with. WHAT WE’RE DOING: Providing lengthy explanations when it’s not necessary. You seek answers, like-minded friends, the best restaurant in town, and what’s true for you. It wouldn’t pop; it would just leak and let all the negativity out slowly. Your inner fantasy land. 4. No problem you can’t find a solution for. And be sure to make it count. 21. Serious gardeners like my wife and me/myself always use organic fertilizer. I love myself, in the most sincere and real way there is, unconditionally. 22. Your kindness to others. Since the person talking is also a gardener and has referred to himself once already in the sentence as being in the group serious gardeners (”we gardeners”), it seems as if he should … The clear blue sky, colorful flowers, unique faces on the street – with your own eyes, and in your own way, you see the beauty around you and it makes you more beautiful to be around! "I forgive you." Keep up the gratitude and the love! Your message reached me. Kathy: It’s almost like a form of crying. Low self-esteem is a common problem for many teens. Your stomach. I am going to write down three reasons everyday as to why I love myself. Why do we feel the need to over-explain? I’m lazy. And yesterday I did it. I have tried several methods of killing myself, e.g. You don’t stand for no crap. 25. The truth is that I will accept myself, that I will work this out. You are a good one. 5 Tips for Clearing and Balancing Your Throat Chakra, Reasons you should love yourself | battlesparkerj. You spread love. ", those words have been through my mind at least 1,000 times. I have been working toward self-like for 25 years and think I have about 25 more to go. I can’t do anything right.